AWS Lambda - HTTP APIs and Concurrent Requests

In this blog post I will discuss some considerations when hosting a HTTP API in AWS Lambda.


Visual Studio 2022 - Remote Testing

This post shows how Remote Testing works in Visual Studio 2022, by running and debugging a unit test in a WSL Ubuntu distribution.


Migrating Azure Pipelines from Classic to YAML

This post summarizes some hints and caveats of migrating Classic Azure Pipelines to YAML.


C# Static fields inline initialization - Be Lazy

This post explores static field inline initialization in C# and how can we have full control of the exact moment when they get initialized.


Chasing a failed test in CI/CD pipeline

This post describes the troubleshooting experience of having a test failing in CI/CD pipeline, which was not easy to reproduce locally in my machine.


VS 2019 on Windows - Debugging a unit test running in a Linux container

This post shows how to debug in VS 2019 on Windows a unit test running in a Linux container

Job Interview

Preparing Interviews for a Software Engineer position

I've just finished two job recuitment processes. Here are some tips and how I prepared them to succeed.


DDD is fancy - Are we doing it right? Should we use it?

This post is a reflection about Domain Driven Design (DDD).

Public Speaking

The Fear of Public Speaking

This post is a reflection about the Fear of Public Speaking. 😨


Excluding jobs from Succeeded Jobs in Hangfire Dashboard

This post shows how to exclude some jobs from the Succeeded in Hangfire Dashboard, even if they succeed.