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Welcome to my blog

One of my resolutions for 2012 was back to blog . I decided to kill my old blog (in fact, it was already dead),  which is hosted in the Agilior's corporate blog, the company where I work and I was a co-founder (right now, I already  haven't  any part of the company's capital) and create a new blog with a personal touch,associated with the domain.

The most of the content that I will publish is certainly related to my work, software development.

As one of the founders of Agilior, I hope also to share some of the stories that were part of my life as founder, and some of the mistakes I made along this route. There will be space also to personal subjects, however with lower frequency.

In one of my posts at the old blog, I explain that my life has been done of cycles. My perception is that a new cycle is about to come. I do not expect an easy time, and certainly I will have to leave the comfort zone. But "freedom" is one of the things that I value most, and to be honest,  I like to be the leader and the captain of the ship", deciding where to go and when.

I hope I can maintain some activity in this blog.

Published Jan 28, 2012

Cloud Solutions and Software Engineer. Married and father of two sons. Obsessed to be a continuous learner.