About me

Me in Dubai - Burj Khalifa

My name is Bruno Câmara, I live in Seixal, Portugal, I’m married, and father of two sons. My nick is bfcamara, which is the name of this blog. Professionally, I am a software engineer.

The Present…

I am software engineer and cloud solutions architect, working as a Freelancer focused on the Microsoft .Net stack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure DevOps. I am also a part-time teacher in Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal (IPS), in College of Business Administration (ESCE), teaching classes related with software development.

The Recent Past…

I worked from 2021 to 2024 as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Covetrus focused on AWS. My main role was to migrate Rapport (Communications and Online Scheduling service) .NET workloads running in EC2 instances to a more cloud native approach using services such as AWS Lambda, ECS, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, etc.

The Past…

I worked in 2021 as a backend software engineer at OutSystems focused on the Microsoft .Net stack. OutSystems is a low-code platform which provides the tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications.

I worked from 2016 to 2020 as a Contractor for AppointMaster focused on backend with the Microsoft .Net stack, and DevOps with Azure DevOps.

I worked in 2016 at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer II in Visual Studio Team Services / Team Foundation Server team (Azure DevOps).

I worked from 2013 to 2015 as a Contractor in Visual Studio Team Services / Team Foundation Server related projects.

From 2009 to 2013, I worked at Agilior, a company that I co-founded in 2004. Agilior was a small consulting services company, and my work was to develop software with Microsoft technology stack.

In 2009 I sold my part of Agilior. As a partner I learned a lot. I made mistakes, but I also have learned too many lessons. I bootstrapped the company with my co-founders, and I had to play many roles: recruitment, financial, marketing, and development. However, my focus was always software development, leading projects in Distributing Systems and Enterprise Application Integration, using technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk, Windows Communication Foundation, NServiceBus, etc. However, my main goal as a partner was always to build a culture, and a place where people feel good to work. I learned a lot.

In 1999, after graduating in computer science, I started my career at a Portuguese bank, developing the Multi-Channel solution, using technologies such as COM, Sql Server, XSLT, IIS, Javascript, etc.

And what else…

Well, I married when I was 25, in 2001, with my wife Filipa. We have two sons, André, born in 2004, and Filipe, who born in 2007. It has been a awesome journey. Preparing my sons for life is not an easy task, and I am always questioning myself what is the best way to prepare them. My “free” time is almost spent with my sons, watching their football training sessions and matches, etc. I also spend a considerable time reading books and blogs, and trying new technologies.